Mysore practice is taught to students one-on-one within a group setting. Students begin learning the set sequence of asanas (postures) and proper breathing, gradually, with guidance from the teacher.

The format of the practice always remains the same; it begins with Surya Namaskar (sun salutations) and concludes with Padmasana (seated posture) and rest, and the various asanas gradually fill the space between. The system is designed to purify and strengthen the body while the focused breath and gazing points direct the focus inward, and bring stillness to the mind.

It is through the daily practice of Ashtanga Yoga that the benefits of this method can truly be felt. A slow, dedicated and patient approach is best. Students are encouraged to work towards a 6 day a week practice, taking off one day per week for rest, as well as new and full moons.

Mysore is a practice for all levels and abilities, we welcome new student and beginners.