Online Coaching/Private Sessions

Take a self-care hour and book time to practice in with me.

My online classes are personalized private lessons that give me a chance to work with you one-on-one no matter where you are in the world. I can give you support in your practice in the areas you need the most, and coach you personally, whether your desire is to bring more yoga into your life, get healthier in the body and mind or learn how to do a handstand. I love to work with clients this way as it allows me to connect on a deeper level and help you reach your goals.

The first thing about making yoga work for you is that you actually have to do it. Finding a time, booking it into your calendar and making it happen. Life is busy, finding the time can be hard. Scheduling is everything. When things get super busy an online private can be the way to go. We’ll fit in a quick hour for you whether you are at home, the office or in your hotel room.


Each Session is 1-hour via Skype or Facetime

One Session: $75.00 + tax

Five Sessions: $325.00 + tax

Ten Sessions: $600.00 +tax


  • Sessions specifically geared to you and your needs

  • Personal attention, feedback and verbal adjustments

  • Get stronger and more aligned

  • Experience a moving meditation that will connect your body, mind and spirit and help ease anxiety, stress

  • Learn the Ashtanga Yoga series and develop your own home practice

  • Handstand and Inversion training and development

  • Work on specific areas of the body or postures

  • Coaching and support for yoga teachers

  • Fit in a class while traveling or with a busy schedule. Set it up so you don’t ever miss out on your practice