My Journey

When I came to yoga I had nothing to loose. It was 2006 and I was in the grips of a battle with an eating disorder. I was lost. I couldn't seem to see a way forward, or a clear path. 

I began a daily Ashtanga practice at this time, through which the inner healing I so desperately needed began to take place. Everyday I came to my mat to experience the deep breathing and struggle through the seemingly impossible postures. As challenging as it felt externally, internally it was working and I became very devoted to my practice. I think of the quote, "Practice and all is coming" (Sri K Pattabhi Jois, and it feels very true for me.

In 2013 I took my first trip to India to study with Sharath Jois, the grandson of the late Sri K Pattabhi Jois at the KPJAYI Yoga Institute in Gokulam, Mysore. This was one of the greatest blessings. Deepening my physical practice, as well as continuing the inner journey and work with Sharath-ji's guidance. I remain his very dedicated student.

Ashtanga yoga is a method that is shared through Paramparā, a system in which knowledge is passed down through successive generations. In 2015 Sharath-j's gave me his blessing to teach Ashtanga Yoga, with Level 2 Authorization.

I share my practice and teachings with students at home in Toronto through my Ashtanga Myosre classes at Yoga Space, in guided yoga classes, workshops and private sessions.

Please contact me for more details or to work with me. 

This practice is a daily practice and you take whatever body you have, whether it is sore, tired, tight, open or strong, into the practice and just do it without adding anything special. It is a lesson gained not in the first years of sustaining this practice, but after five or ten years of consistent practice. Only then can the ego be burned through enough to realize that it is just your practice.
— Kino MacGregor