My Story

I was born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario. Eldest of four, with three brothers who kept me running and hustling from the time they joined our family. Times were fun, but times were also hard too. I was the boss of everyone, from the beginning, then, now and always, all five foot, one inch of me. I’ve always loved to run things, be in charge, laugh as much as possible and be challenged.

When I moved to Toronto at 18 things fell apart for a time. I felt completely alone in the world, I felt that deeply. Perhaps we all have a coming of age type story; the discovery of who we are and what we are, and I had mine. Perhaps some of these growing up stories are smoother then others, but mine was a deep dive into the dispares of Anorexia. The layers and reasons surrounding why people abuse food can be similar, in my mind at least, to the way that someone might use drugs or alcohol; as a way to cope, as a way to numb. I won’t get into too much of my story here, but I will say, eating disorders can be highly addictive and extremely devastating, and I was on a downward spiral. I was 19 years old, a hot, sick mess, taking dance classes and living with a strange roommate I found online above a sushi bar. But then I found yoga.

It was 2006 when I started taking yoga classes for the first time and began a daily Ashtanga practice. Slowly, little by little I felt like I was ok, and that hey, maybe I was actually enough!? Those were the first few lessons I got from practicing. Yoga helped me experience my breath and my body, it was a reason to live on the days I felt really low and a reason to recovery, when I was finally ready to do that part. I will say, and I’ve wanted to edit my bio for a long time (just doing that now!) that I also went to a rehab centre to help me with my recovery. This is so important to note because we need to seek the right help and we need to get the proper support for the issues we face, I believe it. If you asked me then I didn’t need treatment, nor did want to go, but thank god I did. Everyone has a different path and experience, but I want to be super clear about mine. This is what helped. Treatment really got me back on my feet good and then I could use yoga to get grounded and stable after I got back.

In 2013, at 27, now 8 years since the beginning of my yoga and recovery journey I took my first trip to India to study with Sharath Jois, at the KPJAYI Yoga Institute in Gokulam, Mysore. This was one of the greatest blessings, deepening my practice with Sharath-Ji's guidance and in 2015 I was given his blessing to teach, with Level 2 Authorization. I remain Sharath-Ji’s very dedicated student to this day. Trips to Mysore are magical and hold a very special place in my heart. I have since made five trips to the Shala and hope to go back again and again.

I share my practice and teachings with students at home in Toronto through my Ashtanga Mysore classes, in guided Vinyasa yoga classes, workshops and private sessions.

Please contact me for more details, or to work with me privately. 

This practice is a daily practice and you take whatever body you have, whether it is sore, tired, tight, open or strong, into the practice and just do it without adding anything special. It is a lesson gained not in the first years of sustaining this practice, but after five or ten years of consistent practice. Only then can the ego be burned through enough to realize that it is just your practice.
— Kino MacGregor